Supplements – Do You Really Need Them?

According to the National Institutes of Health, Americans are spending $20 billion per year on different supplements and vitamins.  That number is up from $6 billion in 1999.  With so much money being spent on them, one has to wonder if  they are really even helping.  According to the article “The One Supplement Everyone Needs”, research shows that most vitamins and supplements don’t help you at all.  On the same token, they don’t hurt you either, but why spend so much money on something that isn’t doing what you’re expecting of it?  While most have shown no promising effects, one does–Fish Oil.  Studies have shown it to reduce the type of inflammation that is a predictor of heart disease.


Fish Oil is different than other supplements, because taking the supplement is actually like you are eating a piece of fish in that the body recognizes it the same way.  On the contrary, taking a Vitamin C supplement is not like eating an orange, because there are other components in the orange that have interactive effects in the body.


Will these research findings stop you from taking your daily vitamin?


Katie Pullar, Senior Dietetic Student

Allen Anderson, RD

3 Comments to “Supplements – Do You Really Need Them?”

  1. dorey says:

    My mother used to talk about fish oil and it’s ability to cure anything but a hangnail. It is nice to see someone in your generation appreciating something that has been around for ages. Time to get back to the good old fashioned home remedies and save your money on all those “gimics”.